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Time to Admit It: Trump Opposes Cannabis Legalization

May 16, 2019

Well now we know. And are we surprised? Not really.
I can only imagine that Trump has the big pharma companies secured well and deep in his pockets. It is a fact that Trump has only his best interests in the forefront of his mind. If he was a genuine war veteran, perhaps he would be more sympathetic. Or if he could find some relief or a cure for any ailment he might have through medicinal marijuana, he might think differently perhaps…………………..any politician might think differently.
“More than 90% of Americans support medical marijuana, and it’s hard to think of a more sympathetic adult patient group than our military veterans struggling with PTSD and other service-related conditions. The suicide rate among military veterans is a national crisis. And Trump refuses to allow them medical marijuana.”
So, Mr. Trump…that’s a lot of votes that won’t support you in the next election, purely on this one very important, rising issue.
Read the story featured on Leafly here:
Time to Admit It: Trump Opposes Cannabis Legalization

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