Cannabis Podcasts

This is a collection of links to podcasts that I have found to be not only educational but entertaining as well. I hope you enjoy!

Nestled in the peaceful Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the Cannabinerds come together to record their episodes and share information to their listeners across the country. They advocate for the various uses for hemp and cannabis and are passionate about spreading truthful awareness about a field that is surrounded by misconceptions. Dedicated to learning more and passing on knowledge.

The Roll-Up by Leafly.com
Leafly’s podcast series features the Roll-Up crew – Bruce Barcott, Ben Adlin, and Alyssa Yeoman – as they share the latest cannabis news, strain discussions, cool products, and industry insights from Leafly’s journalists, experts, and special guests.

Hemple Podcast
Life changing health information from experts in hemp and mind, gut, body well-being.  Join them as they worship your body weekly!

Weed + Grub
Spark up and chow down with Mike and Mary Jane as they smoke, snack, and swap tales about cannabis, comedy, sex, food, pop culture… basically everything you already love. Weed+Grub is two friends sharing stories from their insane lives, and interviewing fascinating guests from all walks of life. Light a joint, grab a bite and come along.

What Are You Smoking? is hosted by a rotating cast of Leafly’s cannabis experts—Will Hyde, Bailey Rahn, Emily Resling, and Dante Jordan. Tune in every Wednesday to hear activists, entrepreneurs, farmers, processors, and figures from from all corners of the cannabis world weigh in on the latest developments in the industry, what’s coming next, and of course, what new strains and products they’re enjoying these days.

The High Life Podcast by Leafly.com
The High Life 
features co-hosts Sarah Hanlon and Ian Campeau in a weekly discussion with some of the most fascinating Canadians, all of w hom share an affinity for cannabis. The High Life is produced at Leafly Canada’s headquarters in Toronto, and features the music of Toronto producer and hip-hop artist Junia-T.

Great Moments in Weed History w/ Abdullah and Bean
This weekly podcast series that delves deep into humanity’s 10,000+ year relationship with cannabis to find the humor, heart, and historical importance of this very special plant.

The Grow Show podcast is hosted by the esteemed Kyle Kushman and delivers a range of information pertaining to cannabis cultivation, legislation, industry news, and more.

Matthew Kind from the website CannaInsider provides weekly interviews with the leading voices of the rapidly growing Cannabis, Marijuana Industry. Listen in and learn as visionaries discuss the trends and technology that are shaping the industry.

The Hash Podcast
Now fueled by Leafly.com, The Hash is a weekly podcast delivering a concentrated mix of cannabis news and culture, with all the bells and whistles you expect from shows like Radiolab or 99% Invisible.

Cannabis Health Radio
Cannabis Health Radio is a podcast with a purpose: to inform listeners of the many health benefits of medical marijuana. This is done through interviews with experts in the field and by sharing powerful stories from people around the world who have successfully dealt with health challenges by using forms of cannabis.

The Cannabis Agenda
Your weekly source for marijuana related news and informed discussion, covering topics related to cannabis legalization, medical marijuana, and market related information.

Green Flower Nation
This is a podcast to explore the undeniable impact cannabis is having on our society today. Join your host Max Simon, cannabis expert and founder of Green Flower Media, as he takes you on a fascinating journey to discover and discuss how this controversial plant is impacting health and wellness, business and investment, women and athletes, sex and relationships, and so much more.

Great Moments in Weed History
Even though cannabis is just now hitting the mainstream, humans have been interacting with this plant for decades. Hosts Abdullah Saeed and David Bienenstock explore the major people, places, and events that make up the complex and fascinating history of cannabis. It’s fun and informative and a great way to learn how we got to where we are with weed.

High Friends
The cannabis industry has largely been built and supported by women. High Friends understands this, and sets out to interview and converse with the women of cannabis, about cannabis. In each episode, hosts Rachel Colic and Gill Plard feature female guests from around North America to talk about all aspects of cannabis. From why cannabis needs to be sustainable to the ethics of going to work high, High Friends covers all ends of the cannabis spectrum.

The Adam Dunn Show
When learning about cannabis, it’s best to take your advice from someone who has a lot of industry experience. Adam Dunn has just that. Dunn has founded HempWorks, T.H. Seeds, and Hemp HoodLamb clothing, and he’s been propelling cannabis culture since the early 90s. On The Adam Dunn Show, he shares what he’s learned, as well as many anecdotes, from his 25 years in the cannabis industry.

Leafy Bud Club
Welcome to Bud Club: like book club, but with weed. On each episode of our new Leafly Canada podcast, we’ll gather a rotating panel of cannabis fans to share their experiences with a particular strain of weed.