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‘Motivated by a genuine compassion’: South Australian cannabis supplier spared conviction

November 22, 2019

An Adelaide woman spared a conviction after she supplied medicinal cannabis to people suffering from chronic pain says her case highlights the need for law reform.

“I’m not a criminal, but sometimes desperate people do desperate things and these are desperate times when it comes to cannabis,” she told reporters outside court.

“People are desperate, all they want is to heal themselves and people like me are just trying to save their lives.”

I personally agree with Ms. Hallam. Australia is behind in cannabis reform and action needs to be taken now. I am sure that there are so many more people going underground and producing their own medicinal cannabis for relief and healing. If authorities are worried about the black market, they are opening the doors to a whole new black market the longer they take time to make definitive decisions on this important issue.

Read the full story here:
Jenny Hallam: cannabis supplier spared conviction

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