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Medical Marijuana in Australia is a Scam | Peter Rohde

February 25, 2020
Medical Marijuana Scam

This is the best commentary about the state of medical marijuana in Australia that I have seen. Honest, truthful and a dash of humor.

When I was in Switzerland last year climbing in the Alps, I noticed that CBD (the marijuana extract, Cannabidiol) was available over the counter in pharmacies, without a script. I’d been wanting to I’d been wanting to test out CBD for a long time, given its reputation in assisting with improving sleep cycles, and alleviating symptoms of anxiety, depression and mood disorders, without the medical side effects of prescription meds, such as benzos…

…So upon returning to Australia, I went to see a GP about it. They declined and said to see a specialist. I spoke to a neurologist (for about $600, and a significant waiting time). They also declined. I spoke to a psychiatrist (for about another $600, and another substantial wait time), who also declined. Using their own words (paraphrasing),

“The medical marijuana legislation is a complete shambles. You’re best off going to one of the dodgy telephone companies or sourcing it on the black market.”

You’ve got to read this article!
Medical marijuana in Australia is a scam | Peter Rohde

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