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Medical Cannabis Workshop

January 13, 2020
Medican Workshops Nimbin

January 18-19 Sat/Sun
11:00 am – 4:20 pm
Bush Theatre by Mulgum Creek in the old butter factory,
north side of Nimbin, New South Wales, Australia

Everyone is welcome, donations greatly appreciated

Nimbin HEMP Embassy is holding one of its popular Medican Workshops this coming weekend on January 18/19, at the Bush Theatre in the village.

“The next gathering after this is MardiGrass, first weekend in May, and we’re not doing these Medicans too often so I encourage people interested to come along,” said Michael Balderstone, president of the HEMP Embassy who hosts the events.

Carol Ireland is the guest speaker. Carol joined Epilepsy Action Australia as CEO in March 2006 and became a Director in 2009. She has worked in the not-for-profit human services sector for a period spanning more than 35 years and holding a variety of executive positions including general management, operations, service delivery, marketing and fundraising roles.  She currently sits on the Australian Advisory Council on the Medicinal Use of Cannabis, the Advisory Board of the Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics at the University of Sydney, and the Steering Committee for the NSW Government’s Paediatric Epilepsy Trials (Medicinal Cannabis Research).

“Over 250,000 Australians have been diagnosed with epilepsy and the recent discovery of how beneficial cannabis can be for some has been wonderful for many,” said Michael. “Some time ago I realised the Nimbin community has quite a few epileptics living here but because they smoke weed we would never know. It’s a bit like the many alcoholics who live here but never drink any more.”

Three Doctors, Andrew Katelaris, John Teh from PlantMed, a legal cannabis clinic in Brisbane, and Deb Waldron are all returning to talk at the Medican as well as answer questions. 

“One of the best aspects of these gatherings is the chance to talk one on one to doctors who have spent decades studying cannabis. Although access to legal weed is on a steady roll there are not many doctors with experience out there.”

Lismore Lawyer Steve Bolt will be there with legal advice, and Radic Al will be doing extraction classes again. Breeder, gardener and healer Malcolm Lee is coming to speak and give advice also, as is Andrew Kavasilas to tell us about the latest government developments where cannabis leaf products are next in line for legalisation. 

Nimbin HEMP Embassy president Michael Balderstone will MC the weekend along with Disco Sista. The Hemp Club with hemp juice and clothing as well as Australian Cannabis University will be there.

Everyone is welcome, donations appreciated, and healthy food available on site at the Bush Theatre cafe next to Mulgum creek on the north end of the village. Talks start both days at 11am and finish around 4:20 in the arvo.

Invite your friends and come along yourself, talks aim to finish by 4:20pm.

Venue is the Bush Theatre by Mulgum Creek in the old butter factory on the north side of Nimbin. Excellent food will be available at the on site Bush Theatre Cafe.

For more information:
Phone 02 66891842 or email 

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