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Inside America’s Failing Pot Experiment | The Marijuana Times

July 4, 2019
Cannabis reform in the USA

This is such a great article written by Foster Winans of The Marijuana Times. I’ve been watching this roller coaster of cannabis reform in the United States and I agree, a decision at the federal level must be made so that all of this can move successfully forward.

“By some estimates, the industry has generated the equivalent of more than 100,000 full-time jobs, attracted untold billions in investment capital, and the business is poised to explode – as soon as weed becomes federally legal in the U.S.

Sounds great … until you take a second, closer look. With real federal reform unlikely anytime before next year’s presidential election, the 50 states, thousands of counties, and tens of thousands of small towns and cities are making the rules up as they go. As a result, last year’s bright shining future for cannabis is starting to look like this year’s clown act, only not that funny.”

Read the full and in-depth story here:
Inside America’s Failing Pot Experiment | The Marijuana Times

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