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Cannabis: The Gateway Drug to A Healthier Lifestyle?

January 20, 2020

I think it is all about doing your research for what information is out there at the moment about cannabis. For those of us who have experienced cannabis and felt it’s positive effects, I do think that cannabis is a gateway drug for a healthier lifestyle.

“The goal is of cannabis therapy is not to simply treat symptoms, it is to improve overall health. The best way to improve your overall health is not by blindly accepting conventional advice; it’s by learning what works for you and practicing it by putting it into action.”

“Findings from a 2015 study on cannabis users: “Cannabis use was highly prevalent in the study population (57.4%) and was statistically associated with lower body mass index (BMI), lower % fat mass, lower fasting insulin, and lower HOMA-IR, after adjusting for numerous confounding variables.”

Read this great article here:
Cannabis: The Gateway Drug to A Healthier Lifestyle?

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