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I hope to build a community to share thoughts and experiences about cannabis as well as, facts, recipes, products, etiquette and advice. It is about time cannabis gets the credit it deserves, and we need to encourage a better image of those who consume it. This blog is here to educate, enlighten and to encourage conversation and healing.
I realize that I am just a small fish in this huge ocean of the internet, but I am here to share my story and educate anyone that will listen, about the medicinal benefits of cannabis, hemp and marijuana. This blog is about the healing benefits, not necessarily the recreational use.
Australia in early 2019 is on the brink of legalizing medicinal cannabis. I’ll keep you up-to-date on the latest news and research until the day it is accepted world wide for its healing powers.
A driving force behind my motivation to do this is the memory of my father. He passed away 8 years ago. I miss him every day and I truly believe that cannabis, particularly CBD, could have saved him and afforded him more time so he could have at least enjoyed his retirement and grandchildren.
A careless (in my opinion) and impatient psychiatrist in the United States, palmed my Dad off on a cocktail of anti-depressants, which in the period of three months, those extreme doses rendered my father bed-ridden and in a care home for over a year. He could not even speak during that time.
I think CBD could have been his answer, or something we could have tried that is natural and not synthetic. It would have relieved his anxiety about retiring. He held the same job for 47 years. Of course, he was going to be a bit lost as to what to do next.
Back then the research behind cannabis just wasn’t there and legalization was only just being thought of. So, my family put our faith in a psychiatrist that chose to medicate him with the artificial drugs, and overly so, resulting in his incapacitation and eventually his death.
I suffer myself from anxiety, stress and depression, but I have vowed to never put any artificial pharmaceutical drug into my body if I can help it. I hope to be able to rely on Mother Nature and what the earth has blessed us with. I want everyone to have access to this natural plant that, as research is continually showing, truly SAVES LIVES.
So, this is for you, Daddy. You were a scientist and a teacher. You are my strength. You are my inspiration.


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